Industrial Oils

Iran is one of the world's top 10 countries in the production of industrial oils...

Iran annual exports from 470,000 to 540,000 t/y of base oil

Breaking the finished lube market down by product type:

The automotive lubricants market totals 600,000 t/y, of which 380,000 t/y is heavy duty engine oils and 200,000 t/y is passenger car motor oils. Iran’s industrial oil market totals 200,000 t/y. The grease market is about 18,000 t/y.Finished lubricant exports total only about 5,000 t/y

There is significant room for growth in Iran’s engine oil quality.  API CF and lower grades make up 96 percent of the heavy duty engine oil market, and API SE and lower grades account for 67 percent of the passenger car motor oil market. SG accounts for 26 percent, and SJ and higher grades are just 7 percent