In Iran, sturgeon fishing is still a traditional practice, and it is this unique Iranian ancestral fishing technique which makes Iranian caviar the best in the world ...

In the fishery, the sturgeons are thoroughly cleaned with water before caviar extraction begins. Once removed, the caviar eggs are strained and studied carefully for their firmness, size and color, which will dictate their classification as Imperial or regular caviar.

This is followed by one of the most delicate operations: preservation salting. This involves adding a small amount of sea salt to the caviar in order to enhance taste and increase shelf-life. The amount of salt added to the caviar varies with each batch of caviar, as no two sturgeon are the same. The caviar is then delicately placed into containers (usually 1.8kg. tins) and is ready for consumption and export. Only three hours pass from the time the sturgeon is caught until the caviar is processed, packed and ready to be enjoyed.